Enjoying the best experience with me !

I really enjoy my time with my suitors and I will share how to have the best experience in this blog post .

First thing first please read carefully over my website and soak in the information I have provided on my site . The next step is to fill out all the info on my screening form or you could email me and I will gladly email you everything I request to be screened. The reason I screen is to see if we would make a wonderful match together, so we can both have fun. Please don't worry all info is private and I am a very discret provider who likes to keep private as well. Once you are screened I can discuss the deposit , this is very important as I am very low voulume sometimes only seeing one suitor a day. As a provider I like to be fresh and not rushed so I can truly enjoy myself as well. I do enjoy nice dinner dates and I am open to all different types of cuisines as we enjoy each other in wonderful conversation. All these little steps beforehand can make such a difference for the both of us .